Working today – check!

This was on my machine today. The pattern is Modern Eccentric by Anita Shackleford.

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Wine Country Retreat 2014

The quilting stars were in alignment this week at the Wine Country Statler Retreat! Perfect weather, delicious food, the beautiful Bishop’s Ranch, my fellow longarm quilters and our two amazing teachers came together to make it an exceptional event.

In TJ Speiser’s classes, my current collection of patterns tripled! She showed us so many more ways to use what we already have.

From Georgia Stull, I learned a wealth of quicker, easier ways to do the work that I love doing.

After I catch up on some sleep, I’ll be back to work in my studio. I feel the Christmas rush coming on and I’ll be ready for it!

photo by John Palmer

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Quilting on the International Space Station

Karen Nyberg, Quilter in Space (Photo from NASA TV)

Karen Nyberg is a quilter and she is currently aboard the International Space Station. Here’s a story about the 9 x 9 block that she has made while in space:  It includes a video of her experience and photos of the finished block.  Quilting can be challenging–try it without gravity!

NASA, the International Quilt Festival in Houston and Karen Nyberg have joined together to create the Astronomical Quilts! Block Challenge.  The resulting quilt will be displayed at the Houston Quilt Festival in 2014.

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Wine Country Statler Retreat 2014

In 2012 and 2013, during the Labor Day week in September, I attended a Statler computerized longarm retreat at the Bishop’s Ranch in Healdsburg, CA. It’s a gorgeous place and we had wonderful teachers: Anita Shackleford and Joan Knight. I was given the opportunity to organize the retreat for 2014 and I’m very happy to be involved. In 2014 we will have two days of classes with TJ Speiser and Georgia Stull; both are beta testers and trainers for the Statler Creative Studio program. Early registration is now open at:

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Digitized Pattern Designs

Now available at Intelligent Quilting, some new quilting patterns that I’ve been working on.  Over the summer, I had a couple of custom quilts that I  created designs for.   The pair of quilts had Asian personalities so the patterns that I used were influenced by Japanese designs.  I enjoyed the digitizing process and the way the custom patterns enhanced the wall hangings.  And I have lots more ideas for more designs so I now have patterns for sale. Within the next few months, I will have them available at Lily Street Quilts. Until then, they can be purchased at Intelligent Quilting.

Both wallhangings will be on display at PIQF this week.

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San Mateo County Fair 2013

I’ve been so busy re-working my websites, I forgot to post pics of my quilts at the San Mateo County Fair this June.  ‘Mojave Sunset’ won a First Place blue ribbon and Judge’s Choice.  ‘Fruit of the Bloom’ won Third Place in the same category: Pro Quilted, Computerized Design, Large Quilt. I was hoping that one of my quilts would win something but was stunned when I went to the show and saw ribbons on both of them!

I think I am adventurous when it comes to color selections but the high contrasting purples and golds of ‘Mojave Sunset’ were a stretch for me. I have my daughter to thank for her encouragement. We picked out fabrics for 2 bargellos at the same time and she helped me fill out the sequence of 20 fabrics. Until it was partially assembled, I still had my doubts. I thought that I would name it ‘Painted Lady’. She was the one who gave it the lovely and fitting name of ‘Mojave Sunset’. Thank you Natalie!

Her bargello is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates on her progress.

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New look for Lily Street Quilts and Lily Street Gallery

For the last couple of weeks, I ‘ve been working on giving my websites a new look: Lily Street Quilts and the new Lily Street Gallery.  Let me know what you think.

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Sweet Treats are Sweeter…

when used in a finished quilt.  Here are some photos of 3 quilts that I made using the Sweet Treats that I bought at PIQF last year.  Since January of 2012, I’ve been trying to buy only fabric for current projects.  So I felt like I had a relapse when I bought these 3 collections of fat quarters.  They were soooo irresistible!  And now I love the quilts that I made with them!

Larger images of the quilts and some brief comments about them are viewable in the Gallery.

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MQX 2012 – Education and Inspiration

MQX is a relatively small show compared to PIQF and it is devoted entirely to machine quilting — longarm, midarm, shortarm, standup, sit down, free motion, computerized.  And what quilting!  Here are 3 closeups of Marilyn Badger’s incredible quilt that won Best of Show:

A mini-show within MQX featured several bargello quilts that gave me some ideas about how to quilt these interesting quilts. The two photos on the left below are of a couple of inspirations from the show and the photo on the right is of a bargello that I quilted for one of my customers after I got back.

While at MQX, I attended classes – 2 and a half days worth of new techniques to try.  One technique that I am excited about, was taught by Page Johnson.  She calls it a Page Turner.  A point to point triangle is used all over a quilt in a way that makes it look like  custom quilting.  I’ve used it a couple of times and will post a photo soon.  It’s way cool!

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PIQF 2012 – amazing quilts and lots to buy.

Highlights of my purchases (as usual, I spent too much money):

3 Sweet Treats from the Pincushion Boutique – I wish I had taken photos before I used them but I’ll photograph the quilts that I’ve made from them.  Yes, they are already in quilts!  I’ll post photos after they’re quilted.

4 rulers and a pattern by Deb Tucker.  I bought the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, the Tucker Trimmer III, the V-Block and the Square2.  I’ve already used all four and am very pleased with the results.  I’m not the best piecer (too much in a hurry) and I seem to always distort my blocks when ironing.  These rulers make my work look great!  Here are a couple of photos of blocks in the unquilted tops.

The top one is a pattern called Links by Deb Tucker.  It’s in the Sep/Oct 2012 issue of Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine.  I used the Lemoyne Star and the Square2 rulers.  The bottom one is also a Deb Tucker pattern called Galaxy.  I used the V-block ruler and the Tucker Trimmer.  I’m a happy quilter!

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