Working today – check!

This was on my machine today. The pattern is Modern Eccentric by Anita Shackleford.

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  1. marci says:

    Hi Deena, This is a bargello quilt top that my customer purchased as a kit. I don’t know the name of the exact pattern. Perhaps you could Google bargello quilt and see what turns up. The quilting pattern is Modern Eccentric by Anita Shackleford.

    Nice job on the log cabin–love the colors!

  2. Deena K Paine says:

    This is the prettiest quilt I’ve ever seen..I simply love it. I’m new to quilting and have just started machine piecing just this month. I’m more of a craftsy person, I sew some, rag quilts are my thing, and I crochet all the time when I’m sitting watching Tv. So this is all new to me. I went with my 77 yr old mom to a 4 day quilt retreat in Old Washington Arkansas this month, March 2016 – this is her 9th year and I pieced my 1st full sized quilt top ever in 3 days now to get the material for the back I used some of the one I had purchased for it originally in the top once I could see what I was doing.
    Its just a log cabin pattern, there were 40 ladies doing the same pattern, and there were about 40 different looking quilts that came out of that weekend. It’s on my facebook account if you’d like to see a beginners project. Deena Douskurt Paine
    What is the name of the Top pattern? and is the quilting pattern called Modern Eccentric by Anita Shackleford.

  3. marci says:

    Thanks Debra! It’s a computerized pattern called Modern Eccentric by Anita Shackleford.

  4. Debra Pugh says:

    That is a beautiful quilt and the quilting pattern is perfect. So much movement in the negative space. Well done! Was the wave quilting design done free hand or was it a pattern?

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