Sweet Treats are Sweeter…

when used in a finished quilt.  Here are some photos of 3 quilts that I made using the Sweet Treats that I bought at PIQF last year.  Since January of 2012, I’ve been trying to buy only fabric for current projects.  So I felt like I had a relapse when I bought these 3 collections of fat quarters.  They were soooo irresistible!  And now I love the quilts that I made with them!

Larger images of the quilts and some brief comments about them are viewable in the Gallery.

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2 Responses to Sweet Treats are Sweeter…

  1. marci says:

    Hi Sheila, I usually try to make sure a person’s shoulders and toes can be covered for best snuggling. Depending on how tall your friend is, the throw could be 60 to 75 inches. Best of wishes to you both.

  2. Sheila Haney says:

    What size should a throw quilt be? It is a t-shirt quilt for a friend that lost her son to a motorcycle accident last year.

    Thank You,


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