San Mateo County Fair 2013

I’ve been so busy re-working my websites, I forgot to post pics of my quilts at the San Mateo County Fair this June.  ‘Mojave Sunset’ won a First Place blue ribbon and Judge’s Choice.  ‘Fruit of the Bloom’ won Third Place in the same category: Pro Quilted, Computerized Design, Large Quilt. I was hoping that one of my quilts would win something but was stunned when I went to the show and saw ribbons on both of them!

I think I am adventurous when it comes to color selections but the high contrasting purples and golds of ‘Mojave Sunset’ were a stretch for me. I have my daughter to thank for her encouragement. We picked out fabrics for 2 bargellos at the same time and she helped me fill out the sequence of 20 fabrics. Until it was partially assembled, I still had my doubts. I thought that I would name it ‘Painted Lady’. She was the one who gave it the lovely and fitting name of ‘Mojave Sunset’. Thank you Natalie!

Her bargello is coming soon. Stay tuned for updates on her progress.

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  1. kelly o! says:

    The quilts are beautiful Marci! Congratulations on two well-deserved wins!

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